Wedding in Kos

Wedding in Kos

 Wedding on the island of Kos

On the romantic island of Kos, in the Aegean Sea, where the tide caresses the ancient land of the gods, your wedding ceremony may take place.

Why Greece?

Those who have visited Greece know the answer to this question. The nature of Greece is sung by artists and poets. And the landscapes of the island of Kos will be the perfect backdrop for the most important day in your life.

But why it is the wedding on the island of Kos?

Our agency offers a new script for the perfect wedding every time.

10 packages - not ready solutions, only a set of options. Whatever you choose, our goal is to make sure that your wedding day is full of euphoria and happiness, not organizational confusion.

How we help you to make a celebration in Greece:

Symbolic ceremony on the island of Kos.Remind each other's oaths, mark the next anniversary, add freshness in the relationship and avoid the paper bureaucracy!

Wedding on the yacht

The sea will be not only a great background for the ceremony, but also its full participant. The white sailing yacht, moving on the surface, will leave the harbor and go out on the horizon, and you, breathing in the smell of sea and wind, will feel happiness next to your beloved person and you will always associate it with Greece.

Official marriage registration

Your couple may have many reasons to officially get married in Greece and organize a wedding ceremony without involving a photographer, camera operator, make-up artist and other specialists. We accept your choice and therefore we propose a minimum package offer that contains only the most necessary, important and responsible things! After all, an important fact - the official marriage registration will be held in Greece, as you dreamed, on the beautiful island of Kos.

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